Organisms and Creatures
Color and atmosphere are the most important elements in my works. I am fascinated by the emergence of life. A string of coincidences.  Organisms, cells,creatures, patterns and ultimately minerals and rocks. An infinite interaction and movement. All this I try to depict.

The paint determines partly how the work. I start out with a color and process my idea vaguely in the wet paint. Then I go on further as the paint is almost dry.  Usually I work on multiple canvases at the same time to preserve the spontaneity.
 In the technique of the watercolor it is all about  drying processes. And that makes it exiting for me since it requires concentration and  no thinking. Only  in this way I can create an image that hopefully surprises and makes  me curious to the next one. 

 Please contact me for any information:

Thea Peters      Dreef 21   3185 NH            The Netherlands

00316 18089801